Ecommerce for 7000+ products, what CMS to use? should I go self host?

I will start from the basics, I'm starting my career in website design and ecommerce, I have some experience designing for me, or for fun, but now it's gonna be the first time to design for a client, I will cooperate with an agency that want's to enter the website development industry, and they are ok with my knowledge, but our first client is a multi national corporation with over 7000 products.

The problem is, that i can't use a tool like webflow as they only support up to 3000 products, I though I would go with magento as its very good for big corporations, but the licensing for some of the features is huge, we don't know how much traffic the e-shop will have as this will be the first time the business will use an e-shop.

I have experience on VPS management, virtualization, DNS and general sysadmin tasks, I was thinking about using nopcommerce as it seems a very good option, it's free, it haves a lot of great features and plug-ins, but is it the right choice? if I put it on aws will it be able to support 7.000+ products and maybe 1.000 sales per day? Is there a better option that I can use?

If you can point me to the right direction that would be much appreciated.

(btw sorry for any grammar mistakes, not a native speaker.)

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