Would love to chat with others in the field about shipping options. And anything else you’d like to share about how you’re effectively running your website.

As with a lot of people, I’m experiencing a big jump in traffic compared to preCOVID times and am trying to quicken our back of end process as much as possible. Should I look into a plug in to print my labels? And if so, will I get better rates than my negotiated rates with UPS. ( I only plan to ship UPS unless I have a really good reason not too. I’m on an island and UPS is the most reliable option I’ve found and we have a good relationship with our rep and driver.)

I just got an email from Spotify talking about how if you ship through them you get their preferred rates. I’m currently using Woocommerce, but just printing labels straight from USP Worldship. I’m wondering if there are any plugins for woo that would be worth looking into for better shipping rates than I’m getting now?

I’d love to talk to some people about what they’re doing to manage with an influx in sales and how others are effectively running their operations.

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