Is anyone using Godaddy WB? If yes, are you happy with it and what do you think it’s pro’s are?

I'm starting my first ecomm site and went with Godaddy Web Builder (GWB) mainly because that's where I registered my domain and I thought I'd give them a shot.

My free month is about to end and I'm pretty lukewarm on their service. Was it easy to build a site? Yes. Really easy Does that site look amazing and exactly the way I want it? Meh.

To name a few gaps, I don't have control over the way my cart or recovery emails look, I can't scroll through my products, SEO looks super basic, and their supports' most common answer is "We'll suggest that to Dev".

My plan is to let it run for a few months while I learn a little more about ecomm, but I waver between letting it run and just moving over to Shopify.

Wanted to get some thoughts from peers who have also used it.

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