3 Steps to a Digital Sales Mindset with a Little Help from Sales Tech

In the recent research report Getting Past the Breaking Point of Yesterday’s CRM, 98% of the sellers surveyed admitted they wish they had super powers to help them accomplish their day-to-day duties. 

It’s likely that if you’re a seller in 2021, you feel the same way due to shifting to an entirely new mode of virtual selling. Virtual selling is about more than video presentation tips or learning to use Zoom. Consider these three recommendations for building better engagement and the tech solutions you need to make digital selling easier.

Adopt a Gen Z mindset

Digital sellers span all generations and levels of experience. However, Gen Z sellers do have a lot to teach us about the type of mindset that’s required to connect with today’s digital buyer. Gen Z are the first digital native generation. They are comfortable using and adopting new technologies and have high expectations for how businesses should communicate and engage with them digitally. You must try to be always on, always available, and the conversations have to be really quick and really relevant. When crafting your digital sales strategy, think about what you can learn from the way Gen Z communicates.

It’s now become the norm to communicate via various channels, based on what makes the most sense in the moment—phone, email, video chat, and even texts! Oracle Sales provides sales teams with access to important account and opportunity details whether they are working from their desktop application, CX Sales Mobile app or even their favorite productivity tools (like email).

Share goals with marketing

Getting aligned with marketing is really important if you want to maximize your sales opportunities and close more deals. Marketing and sales require a shared set of objectives around driving the most efficient sales/marketing pipeline possible. 

Sales force automation technology has advanced beyond standard integration with marketing tools. Being successful in today’s market requires you to take a good look at unified lead and campaign management. First, because it enables a better digital buying experience. But also, because it allows marketing and sales teams to generate and cultivate only the best leads.

For successful lead management, sellers should have access to a complete record on where leads are sourced, how many times buyers visited the company’s website or downloaded a piece of content, how they’re engaging with emails. For better lead generation, marketers need feedback from sales about which campaigns are most effective. And wouldn’t it be even better if sales reps could add their own contacts to relevant marketing campaigns, right from their CRM?

Speed up sales prep

In order to adopt a digital sales mindset, sales teams should do more than switch from in-person meetings and conference room workshops to video conferences. The cadence and context of virtual sales engagement may be different—changed from the old process of setting a meeting, discussing priorities, preparing a presentation, etc. to now just picking up the phone or responding to an email.

With more sales engagement happening on the fly, reducing time consuming clicks, manual data entry, and ineffective search are important for increasing sales effectiveness. Oracle Sales  emphasizes these benefits as part of the ongoing evolution of our user experience. Our conversational sales assistant helps reps search across their CRM and complete tasks quickly. The application is designed around sales actions – like the CX Sales Mobile app that presents items in priority order, and the action-oriented home page that groups items like today’s tasks or upcoming appointments. The Sales Workspace is a single-screen control room that reps can configure with personalized filters and use to manage all of their selling activities. 

Want to learn more about how leading sales teams are thinking about the shift to digital selling, and the solutions we’re developing to meet those emerging needs? Check out my recent blog post, Here’s What Happens When You Ask Sales Reps What They Want from Their Sales Tech.


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