Am I getting ripped off by my Logistics company?

Hello All,

The logistics company I hired is charging me $1,082 to take care of my shipment into port. I paid $2,300 for the merchandise and shipping from the manufacturer I found on Alibaba, bringing to total to $3,382. The manufacturer recommend the logistics company to me ( I should have done my research). The shipment weighed 2,328.08 lbs and was 3.2 cubic meters. This is my first time dabbling in ecommerce. Below is the cost breakdown. Thanks in advance!

Gate $5

Security charge $25

Chassis Rental fee $12.8

Chassis Split fee $10

LSS $16

DOC $10

In-Bond Fee $10

Forklift $95

Terminal $25

Stripping $50

Warehouse Security Doc Charge $30

Handling charge $75

ISF Fee $35

ISF Single bond $150

Customs clearance fee $150

Duty $319.17

Customs Bond Fee $65

Total: $1,082.97

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