Help review my site (with extra steps involved)

So, I have been here on before asking a couple of times. I recently merged my ecommerce shops 3 into 1 so that I could spend more time focusing on one thing, and because after speaking to my customers, I discovered that they all eventually bought or looked at products from my 3 shops. Anyway, I already know some problems with it that cannot be resolved at the moment, like images cause rona has limited the photography we wanted, and have made do with what we got.

The extra steps is that I have to DM you the URL. I live in a 3rd world country with heavy internet regulations and constant monitoring and I have participated in a grey area activity (see this if you are curious) with unfortunately real world consequences so, bear that in mind and respect that. This side of Africa things get very real very quick. But you can publish your thoughts on here, so that hopefully guys can learn, which I realise is tough, but limited choices right?

That being said, thank you in advance for those who step up.

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