Aon Raises Its Sales IQ with Oracle

Aon, a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement, and health solutions, wanted to raise its sales IQ by consolidating its vast array of point technology solutions into centralized tools in order to have a better grasp of its client information and enabling the company to automate processes as much as possible.

By choosing a collection of solutions from Oracle, including Oracle CX Cloud, Analytics, Oracle Sales, and Autonomous Database, Aon was able to cut analytics costs in half, improve efficiency of colleagues, and provide external clients with improved customer service.

Disjointed data in different silos

Aon had grown over the years by making acquisitions, but that meant information on several different systems throughout the company. Such siloed data isn't workable in today's business environment, said Teffani Zadeh, CIO, Growth Enablement & North America IT at Aon. "Data is the key. Poor data is what will stop most digital transformations from being successful."

Aon assembled a team to consolidate the data into a united view. The first step was to clean the data. If users lose trust in the data, then they won't use it, Zadeh explained. The next step was to unify the data across solution lines and regions, then to provide more flexibility and power to end users, which Aon accomplished through Oracle Analytics and Oracle Cloud by securing the data as well as consolidating it.

Improved internal, external CX

Prior to selecting the combination of solutions, Aon's client-facing colleagues had as many as 16 places to go to do their jobs, meaning they were losing time and opportunities. With comprehensive, integrated solutions, colleagues no longer have to click from place to place to find their data. It's all on the home page of the colleague’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform. 

"Now they can all go to a single place. It's all about ease of use," Zadeh said. "Having customer data management and CRM from the same vendor is valuable."

The consolidation of client information helped improve external CX as well. Previously, different Aon teams might contact the same client in the same week, without any knowledge of the other contacts, which may detract from the experience. 

By switching to Oracle Sales, as many as six different “instances” were consolidated into a single instance of Oracle Sales. So now marketers have all information in a single place and can pull any client insights (e.g., Aon relationships) from a single location in order to refine marketing efforts.

“Before, we weren’t acting like one company,” Zadeh said. “That change was the linchpin that really helped drive our digital CX transformation.”

Cultural change benefit

Aon has consolidated reporting tools as well, which has driven a beneficial cultural change, with increased collaboration and the surfacing of new opportunities. But excellent technology isn't the only factor in the company's success, Zadeh said. "You have to have strong leadership support. You need to focus on the process first. Don't short change your investment in change management."

"Don't be afraid to make decisions," added Nancy Ankone, Aon’s Director of Marketing Technology. "Develop your own team of experts. Centralize tools as much as possible."

Looking Ahead

"It's been a great experience," said Lisabeth Mulder, Global Reporting Lead at Aon. "There's always an Oracle expert to be found. They can share the best practices of their other customers."

Aon's strategic goals are continuing to mature, Zadeh said. The company will increase its use of Oracle analytics exponentially as the internal user base grows. New dashboards and providing agents with focused client insights are going live all of the time.

See the full video of Aon executives sharing how they’re using CX Cloud, Analytics, and Oracle Autonomous Database here.

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