Collect email subscribers or FB Messenger subscribers?

Hey all – so I opened my store very recently and have been doing pretty well. I started collecting emails with Privy, but when I discovered an app that could send abandoned cart notifications via Messenger, I went with this instead, because it's more visible to the consumer. Now I use an opt in tool that collects messenger profiles, and not emails.

I have collected a lot of messenger subs, but now I'm wondering if I should be collecting emails instead. To my knowledge, if you want to get someone to opt in with giving them a discount on their first order, you can only choose one method (messenger, email etc).

I know how powerful email marketing is, and this is why I'm wondeing if I hould just be collecting emails.

My question here is, what would you do if you were me, and is it possible to recreate funnels similar to email marketing (standard flows, EDMs etc) via messenger too?


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