HELP- B2B ecommerce client wants different from the norm. What SaaS companies do I need to use to deliver what they want?

Reddit is absolutely the last place I'd go to ask for help, but I'm really desperate here. I'm a college student that was just hired by a company looking to make an ecommerce site for their small business, but I can't decide on what CRM to use, or anything related to their warehouse management. They hired me as a "marketing" person, who knows enough about listing products and backend and making content etc., but their demands are hard to meet and I need someone with experience to help me figure this out.

They want a website built for their small B2B business that allows customers to have individual login profiles, save payment info, and issue order numbers that mark fulfillment on large orders (requiring multiple trucks/spaced delivery dates) every time that a truck goes out, saves order information (maybe also accounting?) and charges the customer automatically FOB shipping point as the products leave the warehouse they own. They have a tiny budget and need it done ASAP.

I am the only person they employed for this, and they are giving me less than 3 months to complete it. I've never made a website before, only worked with CRMs, which they do not want to use because of cost. We don't even have a domain yet. They also have zero warehouse management system other than pen and paper, (not even registered UPCs for products), and are expecting me to figure this all out in a short amount of time. HELP.

So far I've chosen hosting from A2, and am considering pushing them for Wix. I just don't know if Wix will allow them to set up FOB shipping point payment. If anyone knows who will, please let me know.

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