If pricing or time wasn’t an issue, would you pursue video SEO as a growth marketing channel for your business?

Hi, I've been researching about people's media consumption habits adopting video over text and social media platforms promoting video with their end users over any other type of content (including text).

I understand that most of the aversion to adopting video despite the disproportionate benefit results – including getting early adopter's benefit from adopting a video marketing strategy.

It's time-consuming and expensive. Also, you don't know anything about making a video and you actually want your first video to be of high-quality. "It's your business. You want to have a good video that represents you."

Even Google presents videos above text articles. Even when various studies come out saying that SEO-optimized video content has a higher chance of ranking and generating a very large amount of organic traffic. Still and still, video SEO remains a channel that most businesses are not using.

All in all, my question is that, if pricing, content creation, quality, brand control, consistency, scaleability, management, or even time constraint wasn't an issue, would you consider adopting a Video SEO strategy as a growth marketing channel for your business?

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