Questions about Billing my Customers and Building a Website for my Freelancing Services

I have been reached out to multiple times about doing consulting within a specific business niche I am knowledgeable at. The thing is, I have never done consulting so I never considered it. But since I have received a few requests, it couldn't hurt to set a wordpress website to jump into the freelancing industry that explains my consulting services. This would be within my LLC (DBA) when I set it up.

The thing is, I would like to have 3-6 projects with pricing on my website that customers can choose from. As well as check boxes for extra small price increases if they would like to add extra features. Very similar to what Fiverr is like when you find someone's service.

I am curious to know if it is really looked down upon to have upfront pricing and immediate payments by my customers before the project starts. Seems like most consultants send invoices after the project is done. But I would like to have it more like a store look similar to fiverr where you choose the project and pay first. I just think it makes it a lot easier on me and the customer will have very specific details about what they will receive based on choosing the best project/options for them.

Thanks for the help

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