Growing Very Slowly And Looking for Feedback. Thanks!

I would love feedback on my site!

We are a small coffee roaster with the goal of helping people do more in their lives while also helping the environment by planting a tree with each order.

Our Instagram page has been growing by about 10-30 followers a day but has only generated two or three sales. November and December went well but were mostly friends and family. So far Facebook ads have had zero conversions and Google ads resulted in 2 conversions but cost $100.

I am thinking about trying to niche down and focus more on the van life crowd. Then I could post more content on social that appeals to people who dream of traveling more. Then also partnering with van life influencers to promote our coffee. I was also going to add a few more blog posts about brewing coffee on the go and mentioning travel on the home page.

Any feedback is appreciated! Right now things are slowly growing organically, but I want to figure out the best way to grow things more quickly without wasting money on ads that don't convert. Thanks!

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