Clothing store, pick two: quality garments, great design or affordable pricing?

Currently running a clothing store that provides great designs with affordable pricing (~$60 hoodies) in a niche that I would consider on the expensive side. I've been pushing out hoodies with designs that received a lot of positive feedback and was able to sell out within a week. I don't think my customers know but I'm just using Gildan hoodies as they're the cheapest option and the only way I'm able to sell the hoodies at an affordable price while maintaining good margins. I like to think of these products as more like art than clothing and the hoodies are the 'canvas' in a way; it's been irking at me that I'm using a cheap canvas. I would definitely like to use higher quality garments but then I would need to raise the price to something like ~$80 per hoodie when my entire brand is based around affordability. Just curious as to what others are focusing on in the clothing side of ecom.

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