Dropshipping is dead, long live Dropshipping

As with most things in life, businesses that live are good with sales & promotion, business is dead if you're out of demand

It's becoming hard af if you are competing purely on price, as more people enter any field

But sometimes what you're selling isn't selling because your proposition's promotion isn't appealing

A grand way of getting success is building your brand

People don't buy nails, they buy hung paintings, they buy a Moanalisa surfing on a volcano hung using Nailed Itâ„¢ nails

People don't buy because of your reasons, they buy because of their personal reasons, sometimes they are emotional purchases driven by an appeal to identity, personality or just a spot purchase because of some well written words assembled for impact – the family trip to finland is secured by seeing a juxtaposition of a laughing dad & a Oh-it's-on snowballed face of a kid – or showing an aussie a kangaroo wearing skis facedived in snow – can you handle these slopes up upper?

A lot of Ads are just talking about themselves with no respect to the people viewing & using marketing language that people yawn at, most ads like this very article get ignored because of a bad headline & even worse copy, same old same old tone with no emotive power or no persuasion & certainly no flavor

I make ads that are wacky, fun & creative with a salesy core- they get sneered at, laughed or exhaled at but never ignored

& for today for half of the usual grand I can build you an ad campaign that gets people stopped for a second & increase your CTR the fun way- 500buckeroos for the aussie folks & for the never sleeping LA folks 500freedom bucks, for I intend to use that money to buy me some GME, so let's give a facelift to your business & let's squeeze Melvin while selling Melvin's kids some ez pz lemon squeezy smartwatches

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