Chinese Supplier DDP vs Freightos Freight Forwarder

I have a supplier based in China that is offering a DDP shipment of $500 sea with their Freight forwarder vs Freightos' quote of $1000 by sea. I'm trying to get my first shipment to an FBA warehouse and can't find any information anywhere on how I can optimize my shipping cost.

Note: I am trying to avoid shipping directly from supplier to FBA.

Questions I had were: 1) Will it be cheaper to use the supplier's DDP shipment and send it to a 3PL warehouse/distribution center and then create an FBA shipping label through Amazon?

2) Or does it make more sense to do FOB and have a 3PL ship it from China to US before creating an FBA shipping label

3) Does DDP usually cover the customs process? Or am I required to hire a customs broker?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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