I’m confused on marketing for my store

Hey guys,

So I have built my website, and know it may not be perfect. But things will only get better once I see some heat maps and what my customer's likes/dislikes could be. That's why all e-commerce stores bleed initially.

I naively used the wrong page on Instagram. (meme page) for my product to be marketed on. Well, I got only 2 store visits from 700 story views. There were clearly something wrong with my ad story in this case. I luckily only lost $5 so that leaves me with a cheap lesson learnt.

I'm just very confused on which way is better to go with. Facebook/Google ads or influencer marketing? I see this big risk with Influencer marketing if you don't get it right. But then again it has benefits as well. Could you please offer some advice/suggestions? I'm honestly facing a mind block at this point.

My store is: Evolity

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