Ways to motivate offshore VA

Been thinking of ways on how to get our VAs more involved with the business. Make them feel they have an important part to play. Their hard work beyond just the job description will be noticed and as a result bump their pay too.

There is a probably a feeling of disconnect right now for our VA since they’re based overseas and so in-person meetings are not possible.

I’m just not sure how to motivate them to think outside the box. Right now it’s just the standard pay for what their supposed to do (customer support/social media posting).

Some of the things I thought of: – Bonus when they think of improving or adding a new standard operating procedure – Bonus when the think of a new email template that will help automate customer support – Bonus when they think of a way to improve the site or something else in regards to the marketing

Wondering if anyone has tried anything similar? What was it and how did it go?

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