I made a browser extension to help my wife with managing her sales in Instagram Direct

She teaches Chinese and sells Chinese courses, coaching and stuff. Gradually, she gathered quite a few students and clients and it was annoying for her to scroll through all of the chats in Direct, permanent anxiety to lose someone or forget to reply. So I made a kind of CRM, but simpler and intended only for Instagram. This contains a simple dashboard where she can create product positions, custom statuses (=stages), and prepared instant messages and extension itself, which adds some buttons near each chat where she can set the status and products of a deal.

Recently I asked the Reddit community if there was anyone with a similar problem as my wife had and it turned out that yes. So after few weeks I finally prepared a public version of this. There are still many things left to automate such as creating an account on-the-go, therefore when you sign up you will need to wait a bit while I create your account (make sure you leave the username of the Instagram account you want to enhance!).

You can try it absolutely for free, become so-called early adopters 😀 and impact further development through your requests and feedback. Thanks to my wife I have many things to improve in my mind (and I've already done for her custom version), but it could be only her needs whereas I would like to cover the requests of as many people as possible. So if you really use Instagram in your business or job – give it a try, I hope it could help!

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