I wrote a script that automatically detects consumer trends

I started the project because I'm always looking for new business ideas myself and thought that it would be an interesting programming challenge. Currently, most of the trends the script finds are not very interesting but with a bit of additional manual works it's possible to find a few golden nuggets.

Here are a few interesting trends the script dug up last weekend.

  • Interest in collectibles is exploding right now. Most people perceive the world as confusing and overwhelmingly complex right now. What better way to deal with this situation than to focus on a tiny part of the universe that you can fully understand and control?Quantitative evidence comes, for example, from Reddit where communities like r/Jordans are blowing up. But also on Google, there is a surge in interest in terms like "PSA grading", "Trading card" , "Rookie Card".
  • Golf-equipment is a $5 billion industry with a small number of established brands. More importantly, it would seem as if typical golf-equipment customers don't care about low prices or cheeky commercials. So the success of Vice Golf is truly surprising. It's a direct-to-consumer brand that grows like crazy and basically simply applied the Dollar Shave Club to the golf-equipment industry. Their success clearly suggests that there are still many traditional industries that are ready to be disrupted by direct-to-consumer brands with modern marketing and competitive pricing.
  • Another traditional hobby that's booming right now is the hunting. Communities dedicated to hunting and companies like SPYPOINT that focuses on trail cameras are seeing a surge in interest.

There's certainly still a lot of tweaking I need to do, so I'd love to hear if these kinds of trends are interesting. Also any ideas for interesting directions I could point the script would be awesome. I also have some prediction charts but I'm not sure how to share them here as no images and links are allowed.

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