Working on a project to help you increase your conversions by offering your customers a discount based on their location and enable everyone a fair chance online.

So I am working on a tool that helps you offer dynamic discounts to your customers based on their location.

"Purchasing power parity (PPP) is a measurement of prices in different countries that uses the prices of specific goods to compare the absolute purchasing power of the countries' currencies."

🤔 Why give discounts? Offering discounts for lower index countries gives them a chance to also move forward with their business. It's unfair that everyone has to pay the same price for a product. I'm currently sitting out corona in Indonesia. What I never realized is, that the average salary here, Indonesia is $133 per month 🤯. They have no fair chance online with salary gaps this big!

😡 The problem So, offering PPP discounts is an amazing way to help people out. But, offering these kinds of discounts can be quite hard, so I set myself out to make it easier.

🤷‍♂️ So, what is Converty Bar? Converty Bar makes it super easy to give discounts to customers around the world, based on their location.

  1. You add your discounts

  2. Style the banners

  3. Add the script to the website

I have created a preorder product on gumroad. You can preorder yours here

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