Beginner Ecommerce Thoughts

Alright, I keep seeing these people online making money from ecommerce, dropshipping, and more. Is this all fake or do people (like yourselves) actually make money from this? I am interested in trying this out if it's actually real.

Few Questions:

  1. Are there differences in certain ecommerce opportunities? Like ecommerce, dropshipping, etc. What are all the options?
  2. If this does work, what would you say the average cost to start it is, average time, and average return? (I know it's all different per scenario but I would like to hear real stories and experiences)
  3. If I want to start, where do I begin? Is there a course that you recommend, or someone to learn from, or does someone want to mentor me?

In advance, I would like to thank you for your replies and help. I am all new to this so these are very basic questions to understand and learn more about all of this. Appreciate the help!

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