New Store Update: Month One – 17k Revenue

Hey Y’all,

Wanted to give you guys an update on the store that I launched at the end of December.

Looks like we will be closing January off at ~17k in revenue. Profit margin roughly 25%.

Proof: January Sales


  1. This store is currently running on 100% interest-based Facebook/IG ads. Started testing with 5 interests at $5 each and kept creating new ones while killing non-performers.
  2. Currently testing interests with high budget ABO and CBOs ($100 moving to $250 budgets next)
  3. I have launched absolutely 0 lookalike audiences, but likely will start creating these next week to really begin scaling. (More on this once I set this up)
  4. Started retargeting a few days ago with (initiate checkout + add to cart – purchase) & (video view 75% + video view 95% + engage with pages – purchase) I will be building up the retargeting funnel further next week.


  1. 1 product store with upsell to the same item and upsell to a complimentary item.
  2. 2.5-3% conversion rate. (If you watched my video I posted a few weeks ago with the blackhead vacuum you can see exactly how I structure my stores to get these conversion rates and out-compete the other dropshippers that are selling the same item (hint: make your website look like a brand).
  3. The store launch and basic ad account run-through of this store can be found here: Video

I hope this helps and motivates some of you guys to crush it in 2021. I'll stick around to answer any questions for the next little while.

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