Question: Simplest / most bare-bones way to take payments when selling 1 item in a couple configurations?

I am just dipping my toes in the ecommerce waters and would like to know the simplest way to take online orders. Here's the plan so far.

I have a T-shirt design that I made. I will run some online ad campaigns to sell the shirts. After a week of advertising, I'll shut down the campaigns and order the correct number of shirts and have them printed at my local shop.

Then I will ship out the shirts.

I have a website but no e-commerce plugins. I don't have a DBA or separate TIN. I am in the USA.

On the online ordering form, there will be one design, but a few options for the shirts:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Long or short sleeves (these two would be difference prices).

I noticed that Square has a very simple "buy button" that I could use, but it doesn't seem to offer the ability to include any options for ordering. Otherwise, that would be ideal.

Any other options or ideas? thanks for any help.

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