Hand knitted sweaters online store, one person as manufacturer, is this even possible to pull off?

So my grandma makes amazing hand knitted woolen sweaters. I receive compliments on it all the time, and through word of mouth she has even begun to make them for other locals. Therefore, I got the idea to make an ecommerce "webshop" of some sort to make things look more professional, as well as educate myself on the basics of website design, online marketing, entrepreneurship etc. I don't expect things to blow up. I'm mostly going to focus on customers in the nearby local area, and, if lucky, later on expand to a more "global" audience.

My concern is that it's only one person (my grandma) who is manufacturing these sweaters. One fully designed sweater takes around 20 days to produce from scratch. I'm worried that the waiting time for customers might be way too long for what is acceptable. On the other hand I thought one could make it part of one's marketing strategy (i.e. custom produced sweaters by order, not mass produced, more limited etc.)

Any thoughts / ideas?


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