Question from a newbie: w/woocommerce plugin vs WordPress business/ecommerce with woocommerce

Hi there, one of my new years resolutions is to start a site that I've been thinking about for quite some time. I eventually want it to have a few products, but maybe not at first. Things are all in the planning stages right now. Right now I'm thinking about the platform, hosting, etc. I know the easiest (but most expensive option) would be to go for the business or ecommerce plan on WordPress and just GO, using the woocommerce plugin for the products eventually.

However, most people online seem to say it's a waste of money. I've been told if you use the free, you can use the woocommerce plugin for free. And then I would pay way less at a place like Siteground for hosting. This seems almost too good to be true? Instead of 45/month or 25/month for WordPress plans, I go to Siteground for like $15/month and get the exact same WordPress features and woocommerce plugin for a fraction of the price? Am I missing something? What are some pros and cons? I'm not opposed to a little bit of extra work but I am NOT savvy in the least with developing websites. I pick things up fairly quickly though.

I know there are a ton of resources out there but there is such a deluge of information I'm having trouble sorting through it. And I can't find anyone specifically comparing ecommerce using WordPress plans with the woocomerce plugin vs the free with separate hosting and woocommerce plugin. Figured I'd give this a shot and see if I got any advice!

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