Trustpilot Views?

Hi everyone,

I'm looking into Trustpilot for my job and was just wondering if you guys could help me along with some of your experiences with using (or deciding not to use) the platform as a business customer. It'd be very helpful if you could help answer some of the below questions. For all of these, it'd be great if you could mention whether you currently use it, if you pay for it and in what country you are.

  • What do you primarily use it for? Is it to keep track of negative reviews on the TP site? Is it as a tool to collect and analyze customer reviews? Does you company put the TP rating on its website/ads? How do you think about the most important features?
  • Are there any alternatives that you use or have considered using:, feefo, …? Why did you choose TP (or not)? Is it important that it is the largest reviews site?
  • How do you think about it in a broader marketing strategy versus spending your budget with social media, Google, …? Do you see it more as belonging to marketing/social media management or as customer service?
  • Is it in any way essential for your business as sort of a hygiene factor for your customers?
  • Roughly how much do you spend and do you expect that to go up or down? Are they too expensive/cheap for what they offer?

Any thoughts very welcome!

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