Experience with Sylius?

Currently me and 3 friends are operating a WooCommerce shop and it's been doing really well. We are expecting more growth. We are interested in migrating to another e-commerce platform. I'm the only developer.

I have been looking around, and at first I was thinking about Magento 2, however I'm the only developer, and the more I read about Magento, the less enthusiastic I get. I have quite a lot of experience with PHP, but Magento seems to be a monster on it's own, and while it can be powerful, I think it would be too much work for now.

Sylius attracts me because of that reason. The code is really good and it's a flexible and powerful framework. The showcase has quite a lot of examples of webshops using Sylius, and there are enough plugins. The Slack channel seems active as well. There's active development and it seems to become more stable over time.

One of the problems about Sylius is that is quite new, in the sense that external software usually does not offer integrations for Sylius. Also, there's not a lot about Sylius on websites like StackOverflow.

Does anyone here have experience with Sylius, and would you recommend it?

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