Best way to deliver bad news to a customer?

Hello r/ecommerce,

We live in an age where Customer Service/Care departments have to 'simp' out on customers in order to appease them and keep them optimistic about your company. And by 'simp', I mean some Customer Service teams sometimes have to be shamefully servile to its customers.

Question is, when something goes wrong, how do we deliver the bad news to customers? I work in customer care at a refurb electronics marketplace, so I act as an intermediary between the customer and the seller when things go wrong. I have a customer who bought 26 iPhone 6's and wanted to return 19 of them. Of these 19 returned iPhones, twelve of them do not power on and now have new scratches on them that weren't there before.

How do I tell the customer "Hey, you returned these devices in worse condition than before when you received them, and now has costed the seller time and money and now they can't sell them again. Please f— off."

Obviously, I can't say this, since I work in Customer Care and we literally have to be optimistic every time we interact with customers — whether it be good news or bad news. So, how do I break this bad news to the customer?

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