My failed website launch

Hi guys, today i launched my first e-commerce store. We started building hype a couple days back, about a few dozen new followers on social media. We had 3-4 micro influencers setup. Today we launched with a short video. We had all our friends share the story. A couple hundred website visits. Everything looked promising… result: 0 orders and 2 abandoned carts.

Maybe my expectations were a little high. We were expecting at least a couple orders…

Or is there something off with my website? Would anyone be interested in taking some time to visit the website and telling me if anything looks off?

Ruya Collection


Our main focus is selling inside Belgium for now. Thats why our shipping costs for outside Belgium is a little high. For Belgium the shipping costs would be €2,95.

Thank you guys in advance. I hope to gain some insights from this post!

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