Why is Amazon making indirect false advertisement and noone is complaining about it?

Guys give me your opinions on this:

If you go under customer reviews on the link above and take a look at the customer images, you'll see they show images for 2 different batteries, one green and one gray.

The Gray one was the old battery that page used to sell around 2 years ago, was made in Japan and of superior quality.
The Green one is the current one, made in China and of inferior quality, it holds less charge than what is advertised on the rated capacity, around 80% which is 1900 to 2000 mAh of the advertised 2400 mAh, while the made in Japan used to reach 98%.

So exterior aspect aside, the quality is enough of a significant difference to call it a different product. And yet, this inferior batteries made in China are benefiting from the 4 and 5 stars reviews that where given to the Gray batteries, because they switched the product on that page instead of creating a new page for the new product.

This leads to a situation in which they're intentionally misusing the reviews of the clients in a way in which deceives new clients into thinking they are going to get a better product than what they end up with, which is indirect false advertising imo, they are also taking an unfair advantage over competing batteries while not delivering in quality and they are misappropriating customer reviews and using them for a purpose they where not intended for in the first place which is not fair to the people who wrote those reviews.

I have reported this 5 times to the customer service and so far they keep acting dumb as if what I am explaining is not clear or makes no sense, some of them instead sent me to complain to "seller central" which only seller can use while I am just a customer, so they are being unhelpful as well.

Am I somehow wrong in thinking this needs to be fixed? Am I not seeying something here?

Most importantly, if I am right, how do I get that page fixed?

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