Who here uses DataHawk to track Amazon performance?

Disclaimer: I'm not selling or affiliated with anything. I sold my ecom biz in '17, I was the tech and the marketing. I'm still interested in all the technologies that help make retailers more efficient.

Recently, I met someone that is using DataHawk mainly to track Amazon ASINs (theirs and competitors) and Search Terms. He gave me his login and it looked interesting, it provides some valuable data, but then I saw the price… ouch! I can't see it "ever" being worth THAT, so what am I missing?

How are you using it? Is the data they provide really worth that much to your business?

And in regards to your proprietary Amazon seller data, are you not concerned about sharing it all with a semi-anonymous French VC backed startup? I ask this because I see more value in collecting your data than providing you a service, and I'm sure their VC sees the same.

Maybe it's something worth developing as an open-source project to address these concerns? Thoughts?

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