A friend had questions about dropshipping in Canada, any advice appreciated!


– any suggestions for sustainable AND affordable polymailers?

– where can we get polymailers with writing on them (customized polymailers)


– what is the best shipping service to use (ex. Canada post vs. UPS vs. others)

– what are some of the best ways to reduce the shipping cost (in Canada)

– how to deal with shipping from the origin (China?) – shipping price for getting the products from there is insane (~$200 for 5-10 pieces)


– for white labeling, what are some wholesale/drop shipping websites that are the best to use aside from Aliexpress and Alibaba (for high-quality clothes)

– should we voluntarily sign up for GST? the government website says it can be beneficial when we do taxes but it doesn't seem like our sales will be over 30k for a while.

Apologies in advance for any dumb mistakes, I'm new to this and this subreddit.

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