How do you get video content /

I've seen, but it looks a bit sus tbh and really low quality. I see al these brands who are way to small to be just getting so much UGC so I have a strong feeling they're using some sort of service where they just give away products and pay like $50 for pictures/testimonials.

If you've ever seen Curology ads, they have hyper-compelling testimonials, and it says "sponsored content" on there. Something similar where people are just looking into a camera and talking about how a product changed their life / why its so good / being super enthusiastic about it, not some half-assed influencer who doesn't really care.

Anyone know anywhere or any alternatives to Billo? I'd literally pay $100 just for one, solid, sponsored testimonial of someone who isn't me / part of the business talking about why my product is great.

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