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I was a designer for apparel companies in NYC for over 10 years before switching to a career in scuba diving. After seeing that there was literally NO fashion involved in dive apparel, I decided to create my own brand Spacefish Army. We were doing great pre-COVID, but the lack of travel (and diving), trade shows that I really relied on for exposure all cancelled, and most my wholesale accounts shut down, has me scrambling to figure out a better marketing strategy for e-commerce. I've tried running ads on facebook & instagram, google ads…and seriously seen almost 0 return, even though it supposedly picks your key demographics.

I created the website from scratch using the Galleria Shopify theme and used all the tips I could find about raising the SEO. I really don't think it's a problem with the products as I know my market and it sells really well when I can get it in front of my customers. As a small business, I just find it hard to stomach to pay someone thousands of dollars to help me with online marketing when I'm a graphic designer that is capable of doing most things myself. I just feel like I'm missing something and I'm willing to learn and put in the work, but I've run into a lot of dead ends lately and very frustrated on where else to go with it.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or resources are greatly appreciated! Or if anyone is really good at this stuff and just needs some fresh designs for their shop, I would certainly be up for a trade! 🙂


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