For those of you who saw my other post about my interview questions, here they are. Feel free to answer if you are willing to so.

1) Do you think that businesses have changed how they advertise due to the increase of e-commerce sales over the years?

2) Could the increase of e-commerce sales over the years be correlated to a lack of self control from the consumer as they don't receive instant gratification from making a purchase online, compared to a purchase in a physical store?

3) Could businesses advertise themselves differently to try and make consumers buy on impulse more?

4) Due to the coronavirus, do you think businesses have had to market themselves differently to the consumer?

5) Could companies change how they offer their services due to unforeseen circumstances, such as the coronavirus?

6) Due to the technological advancements of our society how do you think e-commerce sales have changed over time?

7) Do you believe that brand awareness matters when it comes to e-commerce sales?

Also if you are willing to do so could you pm me your name and what experience you have in the field of e-commerce.

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