I’ve hit a good sales goal, but I want to expand.

I'm a professional photographer, and last year I started pursuing wildlife photography as a side-business to my family / event / real estate work.

I was aware that it would start off slow, but my goal was to eventually grow my wildlife photography to surpass my professional work. Preferably, I'd like to go full-time as a wildlife photographer in the next 3-5 years.

To add some extra funds from my hours in the woods, I set up a website to feature my work as well as sell prints, wall art, and Adobe Lightroom presets (as my following contains plenty of other photographers).

My total investment, not including the thousands in camera equipment, was spent on my website as well as ads to get a Facebook page on the market.

It took me 2 months of trial and error to get a return on my investment, and now I am averaging a decent monthly cash flow from my print and preset sales.

My only issue now is scaling the business. There is a market out there for my work, but it is very niche and finite. I've found that Instagram has been a great way to find new people to connect with, but that is extremely time-consuming.

Other than paid ads, which have usually only broken even over their durations, I'm looking for ways to expand my current business model of online sales. Right now I'm not even sure if there are mistakes I'm making that are hindering the growth – I just know that the revenue has become steady and I'd like it to grow more.

My website is, in case you want to click around and give me your thoughts. If there are any glaring e-commerce mistakes I'm making, I'd love to hear them.

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