Trying to pick an ecommerce platform

Hello! I have been working on developing an ecommerce site for a client and am hoping for some insight as to what would best fit our needs. I have been working with WooCommerce through WP for some time now but the consistent paywalls around features has become almost a deal breaker for me.

Our primary application is for costume/garment storage inventory management for a theater department. Features to track condition, rentals, cleaning status and maybe a couple other characteristics are necessary. We primarily need a platform that can safely and consistently catalog these garments and also provide a user-friendly maintenance interface to add/remove/change entries, preferably on a mobile platform if possible. Additionally, having the option for third parties to view inventory and order/reserve garments would be a valuable feature.

The current platform is being hosted on a ubuntu VM running from a reliable webserver, so hosting is not necessary. It would be ideal if there is some free or reasonably priced software package available that we can deploy and begin having the team set up to suit our needs from there.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I really appreciate any feedback this community can provide.

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