Do Americans ‘expect’ to pay Sales Tax at checkout?

I'm British and currently trying to learn about American Sales Tax obligations and what not. Currently, we have stock in FBA and are using an Amazon tax agent to handle all of this for us.

However we are planning on launching a USA eCommerce website using stock from our warehouse in Oklahoma.

Am I correct in thinking that with our current situation, due to our stock being held in FBA warehouses across the US, we would have nexus in every state – meaning we would have to charge sales tax to practically every customer on our website?
Furthermore, if we were to stop FBA, would we only need to charge sales tax to customers in Oklahoma where our stock is held (until we reach economic nexus – which I doubt we'll get to)?

Finally, do Americans expect to pay sales tax on their purchases? Should we include sales tax on the product price – or just add it at checkout? In my mind, if we could offer zero sales tax to our customers this would be a big bonus for us, but maybe I am thinking with my British head too much here.


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