Importing goods from another country. Certificate of Origin and 7501

I'm importing a small bath of shipment ($3000 worth, $30kg) from Korea to kickstart my ecommerce. The item has trade agreement with Korea so duty is supposed to be free.

I'm just a sole proprietor with only seller's permit, and it doesnt seem worth to use freight forwarder like flexport yet, so i'm trying to figure it on my own, and it's very confusing.

  1. Do overseas vendors typically help you fill out the Certificate of Origin and Form CBP 7501 (Customs Entry) for the goods?
  2. Are these forms supposed to be inside the box? How are these submitted to CBP?
  3. I'm having these items shipped to me through air (korean post office?). It seems like the process for Air/Ocean freight are different and it's hard to tell the differences.

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