Making a PayPal Payment Portal – With a twist

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone can help me see if this is feasible, this could also be a paid job for someone if it's not too much hassle.

Background: I'm a contractor for a fairly niche service. This company is pretty rigid in it's ways and their processes. Up until two years ago the only method of payment they would accept is check. They have since started accepting PayPal. I've suggested a million different and more customer friendly and efficient ways of taking payments but they have no interest. I'm hoping to come up with a way so that at least my customers can have an easy way to make payments.

The payments I generate for the company must be paid directly to them, via PayPal. There's no other way around this. I've suggested Stripe and many other ways of doing this – but they're not interested.

Current situation: I must direct a customer to set up a PayPal account and give them the PayPal email address, amount and reference in order to make a payment. Customers consistently mess this up, whether the amount, currency or reference. It seems depending where the customer is based they have slightly different PayPal interfaces so very specific instructions will work for one customer and not the other. The majority of customers pay a recurring fee, so must repeat the above process monthly. This is hundreds of payments a month, with dozens of errors.

My idea: I want a payment portal on my website. I can direct customers there. They can pay via their paypal account or directly with credit card. The link I send them will pre-populate the amount they have to pay and their reference number. These funds go directly to the company I contract for.

Bonus Points if I can have the customer sign up for a recurring payment.

Does anyone have an idea if the above is possible?

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