Boosting email sales with 3 quick tips!

Hi, I posted about abandoned carts some days back here and a lot of people messaged me saying I need to post more. The query they had was usually about how to make their emails more converting. So here are three tips that you might want to use :

Get Rid of 70% of the text

Unless you are writing copy for direct response marketing, usually short copy works better. Have a catchy subject line, a good offer, and a strong call to action using triggers (urgency, social proof, scarcity, etc. Most of the people who read your emails read them on their phones, so save the real estate by removing what's not necessary.

Get Social Proof on Emails

Testimonials at the bottom of the email led to this psychological trigger, a customer that red store's products are reliable and have worked with other people similar to them are 65% more prone to buy from the store. On this store, elements as a carousel of reviews and the reviewer's name and age at the bottom helped email audiences to identify with the content. So it helps to put consumers in comfort with the product.

Personalize, personalize, personalize

Make sure you personalize your emails with the user's name, the product that they viewed or added to their cart, etc. Another way to "personalize" emails is by giving them dynamic discount codes, by which I mean discount codes that don't look generic (example: Discount5, Welcome10, valentines20). Instead have discount codes like SQV722. This makes it look like the discount code is special and is generated only for the user.

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