Hi Reddit, can I try to solve your biggest pain points with ecommerce platforms or presences?

Hey there! r/ecommerce! Over the last fifteen years I have held various positions with several major eCommerce service providers (registrars, hosting providers, ecommerce platforms, digital marketing agencies…) and have a wide range of expertise, from server administration to marketing, product fulfillment, web design, managing social media presences, tax reporting, and more. Throughout the pandemic I've spent my free time helping local restaurants transition to online delivery and survive the changing demands of the market, and now I'm interested in putting together tools and resources for eCommerce sellers of all industries and platforms to thrive throughout this online sales boom.

I am not doing this under affiliation with any existing ecommerce providers, I'm just looking for ways to use my experience to do some good and help people – the industry is new enough that there aren't many people with as much time in it as I have but I feel kind of crummy about it, I constantly regret not following my dreams earlier in life and getting into a career where I can contribute more to society. So… I'd love it if you can help me do that for you!

The easiest way to help me get the information I need to come up with a gameplan is to fill out this very, very brief Google Form about your biggest pain point:

But I'm also more than happy to hear you out via the comments here and we can start brainstorming some solutions – filling out the form would just go a long way toward helping me stay organized.

So tell me, what's your single biggest pain point as an eCommerce merchant?

edit: For clarification and transparency – my goal is to one day start an ecommerce consulting business and any information gained from this exercise will help me with that, but I am making no attempt to charge anyone for any services or advice currently. I just want to get more familiar with the issues that merchants are facing outside of the specific platforms and environments where I've worked. Sorry if this is considered an "AMA", I'm not claiming to be anyone important or anyone with exclusive insider info – just someone who got started in customer support for GoDaddy back in 2005, then quickly left and spent the entire rest of my adult life working for The Internet, I wasn't sure if that counted!

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