Ideal Alibaba clone platform?

Hello everyone.

We are testing out an idea, and will need to setup a multivendor marketplace similar to Alibaba. Key features would include: – Ability for every vendor to have their own storefront page with their name, details, location, pics of facilities, contact details etc… and add their own products (# of products perhaps restricted by their membership status), and add product details such as pictures, variations/colors, minimum order quantities and relevant pricing, lead times, countries vendor is willing to sell to, etc – Issuing and managing equotations for interested buyers – Chat (live or otherwise) between vendors and buyers – Comprehensive search across all vendors and all products – Ability to manage vendor membership status based on a tiered pricing and online payment facilitation – Comprehensive admin page allowing vendors to control their marketplace page well

With ability to later on (once idea is validated) add the following features easily: – Show similar products to what's currently being looked at – RFQ management (buyers can launch RFQ with their needs, and all relevant sellers can participate) – Leads capturing (can capture what products each buyer is interested in, based on their search and other aspects. Leads can then be shared to relevant sellers) – SEO management on a per-vendor or per-product aspect – Ability to let vendors sell small quantities via the marketplace (otherwise since most orders will be in bulk, they need to manage the sale and shipping outside the market place)

For us to validate the idea, we don't want to go into custom development and would rather build on the most suited platform available to save time and money, and to keep using said platform until we start foreseeing limitations or bottlenecks.

With that in mind, what good multivendor marketplace platforms would you suggest? Magento, Storehippo and nopCommerce come to mind but what's you experience with them or others given the above feature list?

Also, how many developers and how much time do you think it would take to launch a prototype using said platform and the key features required?

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