Looking for a tool to recommend a variety of products based on a few selections of the customer

Hi all,

So I am looking for a tool that recommends a variety of products, based on a few variables a customer fills in in a form. I've found many tools that can do a calculation. For example: a paint calculator where you fill in the length and width of a wall and the result is to buy 3 cans of 20 L paint.

I wish to go one step further. Let's remain in the example of the paint calculator. So for 3 buckets of paint, you probably wish to also buy 3 brushes, 2 disposal paint suits, 1 ladder and a construction lamp for example.

I saw this kind of tool at a webshop that sells fences for horses. You could select the desired length, electricity, amount of corners, gates, suitable for high/low vegitation.
The result gives you a list with: 1x electricity plan, x amount of poles, hooks, cable, fence, screws, locks and so on.

If anyone can point me into a direction on what to google or even better, name some of these tools, I would be very grateful.


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