Are your products performing on socials?

Hi all,

Our startup,, are developing a tool to analyze your catalog of products (revolved around clothing initially). Our platform generates thousands of followers shopping influencer outfits. We use AI to display your closest products.

I wanted to ask what sort of analytics would be helpful for your eCommerce brand. These are the stats we are compiling: 1. How your products perform on socials – are your products similar to what is trending with influencers? Hashtags? 2. How your individual products perform against popular brand alternatives – our traffic of shoppers will select products amongst similar alternatives and we can show which products are selected and why 3. Which your top performing products are – based on performance and clickthroughs on ad impressions in our private marketplace.

Would love to hear some feedback. How helpful is this for your eCommerce and what other stats/analytics would you want to see?

We polled a few eCommerces, but would love some additional data points.


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