How many times is Striot Designs going to chat request me from different usernames?

This makes 4 times within 2 days.

For anyone who receives their messages and is considering hiring them — DON'T!

The company is full of shit. Here's their website that they keep spamming me:

  • The domain was registered in Feb 6, 2021.
  • None of the websites / companies listed under "Our Work" are real. The screenshots are just homepage mockups of fictitious companies.
  • Despite what their homepage says, they were NOT mentioned on USA Today, CBS, or Fox News, or CNBC.
  • Their Facebook page started on Dec 1, 2020 and has only fake followers.
  • They don't list their phone number.
  • There's no physical address.
  • There's no mention of them anywhere on the web.
  • And if that's not enough, they keep spamming Reddit with their chat requests from different usernames.

Fuck these guys and their small penises. Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who would otherwise be conned by these lying sack of spamming shit dicks.

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