Questions about Product reviews and implentation.

I am a believer that product reviews are insanely important on a category page (under each product) / and on the product page itself. Picture reviews are even better.

I also believe that these reviews, once placed on your ads like google search/shopping ads, the CTR will skyrocket and conversions will also go up. Customers seeing the 5 star reviews on google already have a modicum of trust once they enter your site.

I am looking at , but it looks like they're charging $100 a month just to be able to integrate the reviews they gather for your products onto your google ads.

Has anyone played around with a free review software (Maybe Googles own review platform?) that can

A) Place review stars / avg review rating under the product on category pages

B) Place review stars under the product title on the product page

C) Integrate these reviews into google search ads/shopping ads

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