Strategy to test new products to existing customers through emails

Every contact you make with your audience shouldn't sell something but every contact you make should be programming their mind for a sale

Simply put

You shouldn't keep pushing your products in front of your customers' faces every time on every post and email you send you as you don't want to be selling every time.

If you engage your customers on social media and emails make sure to plan your posts ahead of time

Eg. You run a fitness niche store

And the next product you want to post up for sale on your page is a "Sweatband".

You can send a 3 mail sequence :

1st mail> tell a story about how you love working out and keeping fit (or the story could be about another person depends on the angle you are telling the story from )

2nd mail>>> talk about how you went running/ working out and had a lot of sweat dripping down your face, blocking your vision and thus getting in your way, and how uncomfortable it was for you to wipe it off every time.

3rd mail >>>>> talk about having found the perfect tool to help solve your problem (the sweatband) and how it is perfect and has helped you …..and include a link to the sweatband on this mail

PS: A subsequent 4th email can be sent links to a blog post on how to select a sweatband on your website.

This way you keep your audience looking to hear from you as it builds your brand’s relationship with your customers, and not you just sending "30% off deals" every time without framing their minds for the sale/

At the end of the day what you are looking at is the LTV (lifetime value) of your customers you want to keep them buying from you repeatedly…….

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