Dropshipping for Newbies (questions)

I'm young (when compared to others in the community) and have a budget of $400-$600, and practically unlimited time, I have nothing to lose and want to do everything in my power to succeed in this. I just have a few questions to start off.

  1. As a beginner, where should I focus my time and energy on?
  2. How much knowledge should I gather before even starting? So far, I've watched a few youtube videos (totalling 2hours), I feel I understand the basics, but at the same time, I can't be certain as I don't know what the "basics" exactly are. I'm currently in the middle of the ECOM King's tutorial.
  3. How many stores would it take for me to "take off"? I know there is no exact number, but I know I probably won't make much profit from my first store.
  4. How do suppliers work? I watched some videos that explained dropshipping through aliexpress and oberlu, and didn't mention anything about suppliers. However, ECOM king is explaining how to find and contact suppliers. Do I need to do this? If so, how?
  5. For my first store, is it better to do a one-product store or one based on a niche? I have ideas for both, but which one should I use to gain knowledge when just starting out?
  6. So I know that IOS 14 changed up how ads work. Are Fb ads still viable? If not, how should I go about marketing?

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