How to set up Email automation for your Ecom stores?

What to set up :

You'll require an email client. There are multiple email clients depending on what your need is and what your budget allows you to. Some of the better Email Clients are :

  1. Omnisend

  2. awebber

  3. Klaviyo (Expensive but worth it if you have a store that's doing 2k+ monthly)

What flows to set up :

  1. Abandoned Cart

  2. Welcome series

  3. Browse Abandonment

  4. Winback flow

  5. Customer thank you

  6. VIP sequence

  7. Upsell flow

Note : the most money is made by the Welcome series, abandoned cart, and thank you flow depending on your store.

When to send emails campaigns :

  1. Weekly

  2. On holidays

  3. End of the month with best sellers, the start of the month with new products

  4. While launching new products

What to have in your emails :

  1. Urgency (Buy now to get 15% off)

  2. Scarcity (This discount code is rare)

  3. Social Proof (X number of people love this product)

How to make your emails stand out :

  1. Avoid trigger words like discount, sale, etc on your headline. Your email will hit the promo box if done so.

  2. Avoid using emojis (less is more)

  3. Make sure your email has a personality (proper branding is key)

Comment below for any questions you may have. 🙂

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